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If I had a magic wand, I will wave it and say

Flipity floppley  flip flip fly

Dingly dangly doooo doooo dooo

Make me a fly with some magic dust in hand


I will fly in the sky and travel the world

Wherever i see sadness, i will throw some pixie dust around

Trying to change the world and make it a better place

I will add candy, flowers, fun and happiness everywhere you see

Making the world a sweeter and happier place to live


I hope you like the changes i make

If you don't, dont worry, I will listen to people

Help everyone, so life is always beautiful

Laughter and fun, just like at school

Everyday that is where i look forward to go to


But for one thing  i ask of you

Please be nice to everyone and help someone around you

Everyone is equal, everyone should have fun

Its like everyone is walking around

With a magic wand in hand